Our Idea

De natura sonorum

Idea01KBL Sound is the sum of years of experience with sound equipment and music, both, in studio and at concert or at home. Behind that experience was always hidden passion: the desire to see how close reproduction of recorded media can get to the sound of original event.
The result of this search are units, cables and accessories we developed. Before they even became products, they proved to be, as a result of endless experiments and comparisons, ready to face the market and worldwide competition.

Idea02In fact every audio system should be working like a time machine, taking us back to the moment that musical event had been taken at. We should be able to feel it, closing our eyes, that we are listening to performance at present, not any equipment at all. Because only when we can see the sound, it is real to us, clearly present and literally palpable.
Real performance has a direct nature, is alive, dynamic and three-dimensional. It makes impact on all the senses and evokes emotion. We believe that products offered by KBL Sound meet such a criteria. Such systems exists, of course, but they are extraordinary expensive. Our ambition is to offer not only products highly competitive in every price range with best value money can buy, but also without any compromise.

We are located in Warsaw, Poland.


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