Our Idea




 KBL Sound is a result of decades of experience we did gain during extended period of being involved in music production in studio, reproduction with audio or creating it during a real gig live or at home. There was always a hunger for knowing and understanding more about it in the background and what to do to achieve more to get as close to the real thing as it is only possible.

Studying the nature of sound and serving technology for the best music playback we managed to complete our offer, always with a single goal in mind; whatever the price tag – to bring the best we can. We hope that our customer’s feedback and awards received speak for their own, as do our cables.

In our understanding that the most important for creating the feeling of experiencing the live event are: openness and ability to play back down to the bottom whatever had been preserved on the tape. All those low level information which doesn’t create image itself, but contributes hugely to its complexity. Only with all that present the feeling of the real being there and neutrality can be achieved and the music becomes engaging spiritual experience. Often people are looking for different things in the sound not all of them are right or needed. Like obsessive hunting for the huge bass, increased resolution in trebles or unnatural precision. All that kills the realism of music if it is overdone. It is important to have it there in the mix but up to the certain degree. Other way the feeling of rightness is lost and we getting instead the bunch of exaggerated parts of the performance, but not the sense that we are listening to the music, as it all comes as a mechanical manipulation which might be attractive to some ones and even sometimes a fun to hear, but it doesn’t make us feeling we are a part of the real performance. It can also be lost during recording process more or less, depends on the quality of sound engineers, but it shouldn’t prevent us from trying to find it back.himalaya-box

That’s why in our mission for delivery the best playback possible we are always choosing the best components and most advanced technologies, from West or East, doesn’t matter as far as that helps us to make the best cables we can.

We can guarantee that using our cables in entire system, doesn’t matter the level will bring immediate coherence and improvement. Our products are dedicated to mature music lovers who understand the nature of the sound by heart, not constant swappers hunting for latest fashion. This is a life affair, just as the music is itself and for those who grown enough to understand that those cable will bring long lasting and satisfying results uncovering new layers of their music fascination.

We are located in Warsaw, Poland.


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